Saturday, 12 November 2011

Equal Parts Create The Smarts

“They say a man must have 120 knowledge, 120 wisdom, and 120 understanding. That’s 360 degrees total. Each 120 breaks down to a step of evolution: First you must know it, then you must be able to say it, then you must understand it.” – Robert F. Diggs

Welcome to Vigilante Tantrum. This blog aims to provide a platform from which I can share my thoughts and opinions whilst undertaking study and exploration into the world of information. My interest in the field of knowledge and information was sparked by general observations and discussions amongst friends relating to the changes in social, economic and political environments over the past 2 or 3 years.

By undertaking further research and investigation I have stumbled upon a variety of sources which have provided insight both into the ways in which the world operates and the importance of gaining knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I have just started the next step in my quest by commencing postgraduate study in Information Studies to hopefully find 360 degrees. 

Once again welcome to my blog, and hope you all find something interesting or insightful.


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